Mylar Balloon Inflation

Mylar Balloon Inflation

Summer Warning…..  Treat your helium filled balloons as you would a child. Don’t bang them into to things, keep them away from sharp objects, don’t let them touch the hot outside of your car and don’t leave them in a hot car even for a few minutes, these thing will pop the balloons!

We try to make your balloon buying experience the best possible, huge selection, great prices. We extend that by expertly packing and boxing your order. We enclose this inflation guide to help complete the experience, which we don’t have control over. The inflation guide is the standard in the industry for filling mylar balloons. PLEASE follow this guide and/or give it to the place inflating your balloons to make sure they are done properly. Most independent balloon stores use the proper inflation technique as listed here… IF you choose to inflate a mylar balloon with a latex tip or without a working auto shut off, you have a good chance of popping (see other types damages listed below) the mylar balloons, especially the big shapes. Big shapes mylars should be blown up by someone who knows how to allow the mylar to open up and not twist or knot when it is inflated. Remember you will have some popped balloons unless you are using the correct, and appropriate equipment.
Using the wrong equipment to inflate a mylar balloon is considered misue of the balloon and is not covered by any warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied.

The little helium tanks that can be purchased at the department stores and big box party store are designed to inflate LATEX BALLOONS ONLY. They have a latex tip and can damage or pop mylar foil balloons.  DO NOT USE on Foil Balloons.

If you rent a tank to inflate mylar balloons, make sure you get the proper inflator for mylar balloons. Most rental places don’t offer these as a normal service, since most people are inflating only latex balloons, or they don’t know the difference.

Defective mylar balloons are very rare.

We don’t recommend using the big box party stores for mylar balloon inflation, as they have a high percentage of popped balloons when inflating. Some do not use the industry standard, mylar inflator nozzle with auto shut off. This is extremely important on Big Shapes, like Numbers and Letters or anything with arms or such. PLEASE ASK BEFORE they inflate the balloons if they are using a mylar inflator nozzle with auto shut off. Remember if they pop them they will demand payment anyway. See correct equipment image below.

Mylar Balloon Inflation: Make sure you are using the correct equipment. UNDERSTAND we are Not responsible for balloons damaged, and/or popped when incorrectly inflated.

Foil Balloon Inflation Guide


PDF of Mylar Inflation Guide