Need Balloons Inflated you Bought?

If you bought foil (mylar) balloons or latex balloons online, at a Department Store, Craft Store, Big Box Party Store, or a Dollar Store, we can usually inflated them with Helium for you.

  • Balloons sold on this website (prices on website) are for flat uninflated. We can inflate balloons, only if, ordered at and picked up at our location. No Phone order. See Pricing below.



  • Foil Balloons that are designed for Air-Fill
  • Some Latex Balloons, too small or too large, or poor quality.  Standard size is 11″ to 12″.
  • Many of the Big Shapes and Number Foil Balloons made in China, usually purchased online at big sites, are actually smaller copies or knockoffs of the US balloons and are too heavy to float even if filled with helium. Usually designed to be air filled only.
  • Some Foil Balloons made in China, usually purchased online at big sites, are often sealed or have a bad inflation valve.
  • Balloons that were already inflated or were tried to be inflated elsewhere.

Usual Charge is:

  • $1.00 each for Latex Balloon (Standard size is 11″ to 12″)*
  • $1.25 each for 18″ Foil Balloon (Includes: Helium, Ribbon and Weight.**)
  • $5.99 and up for Big Shape Foil Balloons (Includes: Helium, Ribbon and Weight.**)
  • *Confetti Latex Balloons, with confetti not already in the balloons are extra.

*We are not responsible for balloons breaking, popping or not staying inflated that were purchased elsewhere and brought in for inflation.

** Weights are required by law in California, for mylar foil balloons that are inflated with helium.

Prices Subject to change without notice.


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